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Horsley Townsend Architects was established in 2001 by Bill Horsley and Guy Townsend and we are now in our 21st year. The majority of our work is in Yorkshire and the North of England. However our portfolio includes work in Dorset, Kent, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Republic of Ireland.

Our services

Building types

New top end houses

Refurbishment, alterations and extensions to large houses

Specialist architects in swimming pool design

Equestrian facilities, stables, horse stalls, lunging arenas and horse walkers

Hotels, restaurants, pubs

Offices, industrial units and other commercial projects

Cultural buildings

Conservation & designated areas

Grade 1 listed buildings

Grade 2* listed buildings

Grade 2 listed buildings

Buildings or development sites in green belt

Buildings or development sites in open countryside

Buildings or development sites in conservation areas World heritage sites

Buildings or development sites in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Buildings or development sites in national parks

Services offered

Inception and feasibility studies

Preparation and submission of planning applications

Preparation and submission of building regulations applications

Preparation of tender documents and obtaining tenders from building contractors

Architect’s services during the construction phase of a project

We're specialist architects in equestrian design

We deliver stunning equestrian design & build projects in Nottinghamshire and throughout the UK. 

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Equestrian Architects in Nottinghamshire

At Horsley Townsend, we are RIBA accredited architects with wide ranging expertise in the field of equestrian architecture. Our architecture practice was established in 2001 and over the past couple of decades we have gained extensive expertise and an in-depth understanding of the complexities of designing and building facilities for horses and the people who care for them. Although our business is rooted in Yorkshire and the North of England, our expertise extends across the UK, in diverse locations including the Midlands, Dorset, Kent, London, and Edinburgh.

Bespoke Equine Architecture Services

Specialising in equestrian design, our portfolio showcases a wide array of projects, embodying both the elegance and functionality essential in equestrian architecture. Our work encompasses designing and building exceptional equestrian facilities, ensuring each project is in keeping with the surrounding landscape, whilst also meeting the distinct needs of our clients. From stables and horse walker bases to sophisticated barns and indoor riding arenas, our architectural designs are crafted to cater to every aspect of equine care and management.

Understanding the unique requirements of each project is at the heart of our service. We begin by taking an in-depth look at your vision and needs, shaping our approach to align with your aspirations. This includes careful consideration of design and planning constraints, especially in sensitive locations such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and Conservation Areas. Our approach is comprehensive, often entailing detailed feasibility studies and various surveys such as land and visual assessments, tree surveys, and landscaping themes.

Our services in Nottinghamshire extend beyond the design phase. We offer complete project management, from the development of full construction drawings to their submission for tender to skilled construction contractors. Once construction commences, we maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring regular on-site inspections to guarantee that our high standards are met throughout the project life-cycle.

Bespoke Equestrian Architecture

At Horsley Townsend, we take great pride in creating bespoke equestrian building designs, perfectly suited to horses and their owners. This philosophy is evident in every aspect of our work, from the initial design stages to the meticulous management of the construction process. In Nottinghamshire, as in all our projects, we are committed to delivering equestrian spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations in both functionality and style. Our skilled equestrian architects and designers work tirelessly to ensure that each project reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence in equestrian architecture.

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