About Horsley Townsend Architects

Horsley Townsend Architects was established in 2001 by Bill Horsley and Guy Townsend and we are now in our 21st year. The majority of our work is in Yorkshire and the North of England. However our portfolio includes work in Dorset, Kent, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Republic of Ireland.

Our services

Building types

New top end houses

Refurbishment, alterations and extensions to large houses

Specialist architects in swimming pool design

Equestrian facilities, stables, horse stalls, lunging arenas and horse walkers

Hotels, restaurants, pubs

Offices, industrial units and other commercial projects

Cultural buildings

Conservation & designated areas

Grade 1 listed buildings

Grade 2* listed buildings

Grade 2 listed buildings

Buildings or development sites in green belt

Buildings or development sites in open countryside

Buildings or development sites in conservation areas World heritage sites

Buildings or development sites in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Buildings or development sites in national parks

Services offered

Inception and feasibility studies

Preparation and submission of planning applications

Preparation and submission of building regulations applications

Preparation of tender documents and obtaining tenders from building contractors

Architect’s services during the construction phase of a project



Architects in North Leeds

At Horsley Townsend Architects we are an architect practice specialising in projects of all shapes and sizes in North Leeds – from house extensions and refurbishments through to new build houses and commercial, industrial and retail buildings.

If you’ve been looking for architects North Leeds wide, we think our architect services stand out for their high quality and great value.  With over twelve years of experience in a huge variety of projects, at Horsley Townsend we’ve worked in areas as diverse as inner cities, National Parks, Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whilst the majority of the projects that we work on are in and around Leeds and surrounding areas, our extensive project portfolio also extends from the south of England up to Scotland.

We have a wealth of experience and passion for working on listed buildings but also take great pride and satisfaction in transforming contemporary buildings into inspiring places for people to live or work in.

How we work

Our approach is simple: we aim to offer a combination of excellent design combined with professional and technical experience.

We’ll begin by meeting with you at your North Leeds property to talk through ideas for your project.  We don’t charge for this part of our service – we’ll provide you with a written quotation so you can then decide if you’d like to take the project further.

What we do

The way in which we approach each project can be divided into several different stages and because we are members of the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA), we use the standard RIBA appointments.  This allows our clients the flexibility to appoint us for just one or two stages, or all four.

The first stage will take you up to the submission of a valid planning permission and this can then be followed by stage two, which is the submission of a building regulations application.

Stage three involves the preparation of detailed construction drawings and any other documents which may be required.  Construction drawings can then be used by you to obtain quotes from builders and once you have appointed a builder, to enable the builder to begin the actual construction phase.

Get in touch

If you’ve been searching for architects in North Leeds, why not get in touch with us for further details of our architect services? We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements with you; to find out more about your ideas and offer some of our own

Areas & Specialisms

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